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Antonín Sommer, our ancestor, founded the funeral services in 1870. He came from a carpenter family that eventually shifted its focus to coffin production and later started providing funeral services. At the time, near the Říčany Castle, where we still have our office today, there were only a few houses surrounded by fields, and at the crossroads leading to Kuří, three beautiful centuries-old linden trees flourished.


For decades, the family business was passed down from father to son until it reached our grandfather, Alois Sommer. He was responsible for the funeral service even after it was nationalized in 1948 and endeavored to maintain the most dignified level of funerals throughout. After 1989, our father, Miroslav Sommer, took over the service and revived what our ancestors had built.


Sommer Funeral Services stood witness to over 150 years of historical events before we, as siblings Jan and Gabriela, took over from our father. We have been entrusted with the oldest funeral service in the Czech Republic, and every one of us approaches each person who turns to us with immense humility.

At the same time, we realize that the world is changing, and with it, the ideas of how the final farewell should proceed may also change. We are here to guide you through this period and process as best as we can.

Who we are

We are siblings Gabriela and Jan Sommer, the sixth generation to inherit the family funeral service. Alongside our empathetic, experienced, and reliable colleagues, we strive to ensure that funeral services in the Czech Republic are at the highest level.

We believe that discussing death and the final farewell is an important part of human life. We would like to bring more care, personal approach, and openness to our society.

What others have written about us

If you are interested in funerals in the Czech Republic or would like to learn more about our funeral service, you can read more in these articles. If you also write about funeral services, we are happy to advise you or contribute our knowledge about funerals in our country and around the world. You can contact us anytime.

We support

We believe that helping is important. That’s why we have long supported the Children’s Centre in Chocerady, which provides care for disadvantaged children and their families, as well as organizations that care for animal rights in the Czech Republic.

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