We provide complete services related to the last farewell in the Czech Republic and abroad. For services in English, please call 00420723269504 at any time.

  • Transportation of the deceased from homes, hospitals, social facilities; transportation of the deceased to and from the Czech Republic in Europe and globally including all respective administration,
  • Last farewell in the ceremonial halls, churches, chapels, homes, at the cemetery, with or without ceremony, at the family circle,
  • Last farewell in the Small Hall or the Large Hall of the Strasnice Crematorium, New Ceremonial Hall Olsany, Ceremonial Hall of Motol Crematorium, Vinohrady Chapel, Mourning Ceremonial Hall Benesov, Cesky Brod and elsewhere in the Czech Republic and abroad,
  • Last farewell with the priest at the church, at the cemetery, with or without the holy mass,
  • Music arrangements: organ music, bass-brand music, accordeon, flower arrangements; flower binding from natural flowers, textile flowers, wreaths, bouquets,
  • Arrangements of grave works at the cemetery, ash dispersion, placement of the urn to the grave or the vitrine,
  • Compilation and the print of the orbituary notice, dealing with all the administrative issues at the civic register.



Sommer Funeral Service was founded by Antonin Sommer, qualified carpenter, in Ricany before 1888. Only a few houses, surrounded by plain fields, stood around the Castle of Ricany, where our main office is located until today. At the time, three hundreds-years-old lindens loomed over the road to Kuri.

One of the first photographs of the location of our office, captured at the end of the past century, has been published in the Ricany Chronicle. We have been able to archive a few historical photographs of the funeral service.

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Proceedings when arranging a funeral
and related information

Procedure in the Event of Death in Residence

In the event of death at the place of residence, it is first necessary to call a general practitioner or medical rescue service (line 155), to report death and to issue the letter of inspection of the deceased. Police of the Czech Republic must be called in case of suspected suicide or criminal offense.

Once the death is reported by a doctor, a funeral service must be called for the transport of the deceased. Funeral service may be called at later hour, or agreed with to arrive at later hour, to allow for all the relatives to give farewell at peace. The office of the funeral service should be visited during the following days to arrange the funeral.

Procedure in the Event of Death in a Hospital or a Social Care Institution

In the event of death in a health care facility or in a social care institution, the letter of the inspection of the deceased is issued by a serving physician. The medical facility is likely to contact one of the funeral services for the transport of the deceased. This situation does not oblige the family to arrange the last farewell at the office of the funeral service contacted by the health care facility.

First, the family should visit the health care facility to pick up the personal belongings and documents of the deceased. In the next days, the family should visit the office of the preferred funeral service to arrange the funeral.

Arranging a Funeral

The office of the funeral service should be visited after the death has been reported by a general practitioner or medical emergency rescue. Following documents should be brought to the office of the funeral service:

  1. Your ID card;
  2. ID card and the medical insurance card of the deceased, if available;
  3. the letter of the inspection of the deceased, if available;
  4. clothes for the deceased excluding the shoes.

Death Certificate

The Death Certificate is issued and sent to the family by the registry. The registry is informed by the funeral service or possibly a health care facility or social care institution. The Death Certificate replaces ID card and is valid for discontinuation of any existing contracts belonging to the deceased person.


A notary is appointed by the registry and contacts the family to participate in notarial proceedings. The notary, among others, requests an invoice of the funeral service and a certificate of payment of this invoice.

Requesting a Pension

To apply for a pension of a widow, a widower or an orphan, the applicant should contact the office of the Czech Social Security Administration at the place of hers or his permanent residence.

Collection of the Urn

The urn can be collected at the office of the crematorium after 2 days after the cremation. After 3 weeks, the urn can be collected in our office in Ricany, where the urn may be stored for up to 1 year free of charge.

Leave with Salary Compensation

According to the Annex to the Government Order n. 590/2006 Sb., §7, §9,, the leave with salary compensation is provided for:

  1. two days in the event of death of a spouse, a companion, a son, a daughter, and one more day to attend the funeral of these persons,
  2. one day to attend the funeral of a parent, a sibling, a parent or a sibling of a spouse, a spouse of a son or a daugther, a spouse of a sibling and one more day to arrange the funeral,
  3. for a period of maximum of one day to attend the funeral of a grandparent or a grandchild or a grandparent of a spouse or any other person who lived in a shared household with the attendant, and one more day to arrange the funeral.

Compensation of the salary belongs as well to all employees mentioned in Section 317 of the Czech Labor Code.

Funeral of a Co-worker

Salary compensation leave is provided for the necessary time for employees to attend the funeral of their co-worker; these employees shall be determined by the employer or the employer in agreement with the trade union.

Entitlement to a Funeral Social Benefit

The funeral social benefit is a social contribution of CZK 5,000 to cover the costs associated with arranging of a funeral of a dependent child or the parent of a dependent child. The social benefit belogs to the person who arranged the funeral of these persons regardless of the income of the applicant.

The applicant for a funeral social benefit must have permanent residence and domicile in the Czech Republic and the deceased person must have permanent residence in the Czech Republic at the date of death (not applicable for stillbirth). The funeral social benefit should be requested at the Labor Office whithin 1 year of the burial.


Should you not have found the response to your question, please contact us via phone or email at any time, or personally in our office.